Kazuma Morotomi, President.
 Rice, cereals, and beans are blessings of nature that have supported the longevity of the Japanese people since ancient times. By taking natural nutrients into our bodies, we are able to enhance beauty and energy from inside, and experience true good health. With our long history as a manufacturer specializing in grains and cereals since our founding in 1948, TANESHO is dedicated to providing tasty and safe grain products full of rich nutrients to people all over the world, in our commitment to support people’s health, and create smiles and vitality not only for the Japanese, but as many people as possible in the whole world.
Shuhei Iwabe, Sales Department.
I am actively carrying out efforts to expand overseas in pursuit of my goal to provide opportunities for people around the world to enjoy our products. Japanese cuisine has been gaining increasing spotlight in recent years. It is intriguing to see how rice and grains, which are indispensable to Japanese food, accompany the diverse foods around the world. So many new discoveries can also be made along the way. I hope to spread millet, one of traditional Japanese food ingredients, worldwide through our unique and elaborate techniques. Constantly giving priority to quick responses to the needs of our customers, I look forward to meeting people from all over the world, always with a smile and gratitude. 
Takuya Nakano, Manufacturing Dept.
We manufacture our products giving topmost priority to reliability, safety, and quality. As the leading manufacturer of grains in Japan, we do not merely blend and package our grain, but we place importance on controlling product quality regarding the taste and color of grains, and processing and preparation methods from various physical and chemical perspectives. We also take pride in our experienced craftsmen and their skills in complicated manufacturing and special knowledge. Since the final products are handed over by people to people, we carefully inspect them with our own eyes in our efforts to realize high quality management level. In this way, TANESHO is dedicated to delivering only the best products to dining tables all over the world.
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