TANESHO manufactures, processes, and sells grains, rice, beans, frozen cooked rice, and health foods. Boasting high quality ensured by production in Japan and technical strengths for skillfully controlling taste, flavor, and texture, we are expanding exports to countries all over the world, from Europe and the U.S. to Asian countries like Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore, and Vietnam.
 Boasting the largest lineup of grain varieties in Japan. Over 70 years since our founding, we have delivered products as a manufacturer specializing in grains with the largest selection and lineup in Japan. Based on a close tie with farmers, our professional personnel have in-depth knowledge of the properties of cereals. Outstanding product development skills.

 Our strength lies in our outstanding product development skills, which allow the whole manufacturing process to be carried out integratedly from the purchase of ingredients, to planning, package design, and manufacturing.
 We also have the techniques to blend functional materials, and develop a wide-range of OEM products through our unrivaled product skills.
Corporate information
Company Name Tanesho Co., Ltd.
Established October 1946
President Kazuma Morotomi
Address 3-5 Wakasakura, Fujinoki-machi, Tosu-shi, Saga Prefecture 841-0048
TEL +81-942-83-1311
FAX +81-942-83-1958

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